Preparing Your Entry 


Registering your School

The first thing your school needs to do to participate in the School Photography Prize is to register your school through our website. Only students from registered schools that are currently based in the province of Leinster are eligible to apply. Once your school has registered, it is time to let your students have some fun. Let them experiment, encourage them and see what they come up with. 


Subject Matter

One of the most interesting things about the arts is it diversities and therefore your students entries to the School Photography Prize can be about anything that interests them. What's most important is that they have fun, enjoy and learn the photographic process.


Size of Photograph

The size of your students entry should be cropped to 10"X8" before submitting. 


Number of Entries

Each applicant is restricted to one photographic submission. So while they may have taken hundreds of photographs in preparation, be sure to submit the one they think is best.



Your students work should be original and unaided. 


Do the photographs have to be taken on a professional camera?

No! While photographs can be taken on a professional camera, your students are also eligible to use whatever means they see fit. For example a tablet, phone, a pinhole camera even. Experiment and have fun!


Submitting Work

Work being submitted for each student can be submitted individually or if you wish your school can submit all of the students entries via our online entry form at once. This will save you having the fill out the form multiple times.


Information Required

Each photographic file submitted must be labelled as follows: Students Name, Title of Work, School Name, Category A/B and follow the entry requirements laid out in our 'Rules of Entry' section


More Information

If you feel you still need more information after reading through all the information provided on our website, please feel free to contact Richard at or by phone at 053-9422040