Image Masters School Share Initiative


It's all about increasing supports for your schools by sharing Image Masters photographic services across your communities

At Image Masters we understand the importance of the educational experience for the youth in Ireland today and truly value the positive benefits your schools and Parent Associations bring to your community. The Image Masters SCHOOL SHARE INITIATIVE has been set up to allow Image Masters to give back and further support all your schools endeavours.

If you are already an Image Masters School read below to see how you can join the school share initiative. If you are not currently an Image Masters School and would like to start a school share team within your county, just give us a call and we will give you all the information you need. 


How it works

  1. Recommend another school in your county to share Image Masters educational photography services.
  2. If this results in them booking Image Masters to provide the photography for their school we give you both numerous benefits for the following two academic years.
  3. What's great about the School Share Initiative is you can continue to keep your benefits year on year by simply including another school onto your school share team.

What you both receive

  • Increase your school commission on photographic sales by 10% for both your school and your recommended school for the following two academic years.
  • 50 FREE 7"X5" prints (for both your schools) of photographs taken by your school, .
  • FREE school year wall portrait for both your schools which includes a photograph of every child and staff member present within your school for that academic year.
  • FREE Gift Voucher for an Image Masters Studio sitting worth €65 for both schools.
  • Both schools eligible to apply for the Image Masters Parent Association Funds.

Recommendation Form

All you have to do is fill out the following form with your own school name along with the name and contact details of the school you would like recommend. 

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